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Encore Coaching - Part One

A client recently said to me, “I am not done yet!” This client is beginning to think about and plan for retirement. So, what she meant is, while she is looking forward to retirement, she feels that she still has things to do, she still has much to contribute, but she just could not see how or how to plan for a life that wasn’t dominated by her job. This is not unusual, especially for Baby Boomers.

I hear this or something similar from many of my clients. While my clients are successful and accomplished, they often reach a stage in their professional lives where they begin to question what is next? Sometimes they find themselves in this situation because they have been downsized and don’t know what to do. Or maybe they want to start over and pursue a long-held dream. Or perhaps they are approaching retirement and aren’t ready for the “quiet” life.

These are my “Encore” clients. For whatever reason, these clients are looking for a second or third or even fourth act in their lives – an encore performance! And I love it, mostly because this is my story too! I started my coaching business when most people thought I should focus on finding a job with the best retirement options.

I also love this because I am obsessed with potential – mine and yours! Our potential doesn’t diminish with age. It might change, but it doesn’t decline. We need to tap into our potential and our wisdom to create the “whole” life we want and deserve, and this is what I focus on with my Encore clients!

As exciting as this can be, it is also a time of uncertainty and that can lead to even more stress. Being faced with the unknown can be overwhelming and there are many factors to consider. The work with each of these clients is customized. This is not a one-size-fits-all kind of coaching because everyone’s journey to this point has been different, and everyone’s dreams or ideas are different.

Learn more about Encore Coaching and be sure to read the next blog post where I will share more about the process of Encore Coaching.

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