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Making a Successful Transition

Life is full of transitions, and some transitions can be extremely stressful. Transitions are times of change in our lives. Whether it is a change that we want or a change that is thrust upon us, it can stir up uncertainty and sometimes fear, doubt and always some level of stress. One of the areas of focus in my coaching practice is helping clients to navigate career transitions.

Sometimes the client is contemplating a radical change by moving to a completely different type of work. This is often fueled by a passion or desire for their life to be different and more meaningful. For some clients, they are forced to seek change because they have lost a job, or they see limited opportunities in their current situation.

No matter the reason for the transition, every one of these clients reaches out to me to help them navigate this process because this kind of life event is stressful and challenging, and having someone in your corner can make all the difference.

For a successful transition, there is much work that needs to be done before that first interview. Our work together is focused on building strength and resilience, and we begin with self-awareness. Understanding one’s self and being aware of values, strengths, vulnerabilities and preferences help us to target the right kind of job, with the right type of company.

All my clients begin this process by completing the Maxwell Method DISC assessment. This assessment is a great tool to understand behavioral and communication preferences. This awareness and knowledge can be leveraged to develop a powerful narrative and provides language for cover letters, networking activities, and interviews.

These are merely the first few steps in this journey or transition and I look forward to sharing more about career transition coaching and how it has impacted the lives of clients in the next blog post.

If you are interested in career transition coaching, please email me at

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