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Celebrate Thanksgiving Every Day

You don't have to wait until Thanksgiving to express gratitude? You can live a life of joy and gratitude every day! Make a point of recognizing your blessings.

Showing gratitude for all you already have, will not only boost your emotions but also attract further blessings into your life.

Here are five ways of showing gratitude every day:

  • Be thankful for the little things. When you're in a positive mindset, you appreciate little things, and often the sweetest blessings come in the smallest of forms. When you recognize and are thankful for the little things in life, your life-quality improves. You become aware of how fortunate you are. For example, your daughter gives you a drawing that says, “Number One Mom!” or your husband picks up your favorite ice cream. These are both things to be thankful for because it tells you your daughter thinks you're a rock star, and that you have a considerate spouse – definitely things worth being grateful for!

  • See new opportunities. If you always reflect on the good things happening in your life, you'll learn to spot opportunities. New opportunities will improve the quality of your life and fill your heart with a sense of achievement.

  • Help those less fortunate. When you're thankful for the bed you sleep in at night, the roof over your head, your family gathered around the table, and the food on your plate, you'll know how fortunate you are. You'll be more likely to help people less fortunate. Even your smallest effort can change someone's life. Helping your neighbor compile his resume will help him provide for his family. Donating your gently used clothing will keep someone else warm, participating in a walk for breast cancer may give someone the opportunity to live another day. And think how good you'll feel. When you help others, in many ways, you help yourself.

  • Reach higher and achieve more. You appreciate life more intensely when you're grateful. You see each day as another opportunity to bring more joy to your reality, lifestyle, and future. It's okay to be grateful for what you have, yet still strive for more. Constantly improving your life is a good thing for you and your family.

  • Taking others into consideration. When you're satisfied with your life, and feel genuinely happy, you tend to treat others kindly. You're more likely to hold the door open at the mall for a stranger or to pick up a fallen cane for an elderly man. Your own happiness is magnified when you help bring joy to others.

Your life becomes better when you know how fortunate you are, and even the smallest detail boosts your spirits. Life looks brighter and more exciting.

Don't wait for Thanksgiving to be grateful for your blessings. Make every day a personal day of thanksgiving!

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