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Who is in Control: You or Your Emotions?

Do you control your emotions, or do they control you? We like to believe we have control over our emotions, but do we? The truth is, it is rare to find someone who has complete control over their emotions all the time.

Our emotions can dictate our behavior. How do you know if you emotions are in control?

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you procrastinate? What is procrastination? It’s the inability to get yourself to do something you know you should do. You’ll do it, but not now, because you don't feel like it, even though you know now is the best time.

  2. Do you lose your temper easily? Do small things make you see red? Do you lose your temper every day? When you lose your temper, you lose the ability to think and reason rationally. If you have control over your emotions, you can control your temper.

  3. Do you do what is easy or enjoyable? rather than what is needed? At any moment, there’s what you should be doing, and what you want to do. Seldom are the two the same. Do you show discipline and do what is important? Or do you give in to the urge to do something else? Choosing the latter is a huge obstacle to success. We know what must be done, but can’t get ourselves to do it often enough to enjoy lasting success.

  4. Do you repeat your mistakes? You'll know your emotions are in control when you realize you're unable to change your behavior. Repeating mistakes is a sign your intellect is being overridden by your emotions. If your powers of reasoning are in charge, you won't constantly repeat your mistakes.

  5. Do you fail to consider the consequences of your actions? When emotions call the shots, consideration of the consequences flies out of the window. If you permit your emotions to take control, you'll seek immediate gratification, without considering future consequences.

  6. Do you frequently regret things you say and do? How often do you say something that later you wish you could take back? Impulsive actions and outbursts show your emotions control your decision-making process.

  7. Are your actions are influenced by your mood? Do you make the same decisions regardless of your emotions? When your emotions are in control you'll often make different decisions, based on how you feel at the time.

How much control do you have? Are your thoughts and behavior emotion-driven? It’s not easy to override our emotions and allow rational thinking to prevail, but it is something we must do.

We are masters at justifying what we desire. But think before acting or speaking. Ask yourself what the smart decisions is, then follow that course of action.

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