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More Ways to Manage Life Transitions

In our last blog post we talked about transitions and identified some of the major life transitions. We also discussed that some transitions are outside of our control and some can be orchestrated by us.

Today we are sharing some general tips on how to manage life transitions or any major change in life.

Some tips to help you cope with life’s transitions:

  1. Take a deep breath and pause for a moment. Give yourself time to simply breathe, reflect and think.

  2. Process the information. Allow yourself time to carefully consider and reflect on what’s happened. It may take a while to process and digest what occurred. Give yourself the time needed.

  3. Talk about it. Call a close friend or family member you trust, and tell them about what’s going on in your life. It helps to hear yourself thinking aloud, and you may get good advice.

  4. Carefully consider your options. Although you may not be ready to move on yet, try to fully ponder your situation and where you could go from here. Be open-minded about resolving the issues. If your situation involves ending a relationship, for example, perhaps you’ll quickly need to find another place to live. Could you move in with a friend or family member, at least for now? Ask yourself what immediate possibilities you have.

  5. Remind yourself that you WILL get through this. Once the initial shock wears off, you’ll realize that “this too shall pass.” Thinking positively is the best way to approach any type of challenging situation. Remind yourself you have the savvy and fortitude to find your way forward.

  6. Formulate a plan. With time, and sufficient thought, you’ll be able to begin formulating a plan that will see your life fall into place.

  7. Recognize your strengths. Think back to a time you got through a crisis and emerged better than ever. Perhaps you were forced to drop out of college because there wasn’t enough money, yet you still made it through, and returned to finish your studies. Summon your inner-strength to help you make it through your current situation.

  8. View the change as an opportunity. It might take effort, but allow yourself to see you’re being given a chance to change your life. You’re in a position to improve something about your existence. Let your imagination run free. Picture the coming episode of your life as a new adventure, and embrace it!

  9. Move forward with a sense of purpose. Now that you have the bare bones of a plan, you can proceed with greater confidence, and with time, you’ll grow more certain of the direction you’re headed. Become excited about your new goals.

Whatever life throws at you, you’ll still keep going. You have what it takes to successfully manage any transition in life that appears before you.

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