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Leaders: Build a Successful Team by Improving Communications

As a leader, the strength of the relationship with your team members should be one of your main areas of focus. A unified team that communicates well produces the best results. But getting to that point is not always easy.

People have different beliefs, backgrounds, and social skills that present challenges in building an effective, cohesive, team.

Strategies to bolster good communications:

  • Institute a courtesy policy. If there is an expectation that people treat each other respectfully, they will play a part in ensuring it’s supported. Insisting on common courtesy is the most direct way to improve communication among co-workers.

  • Clarify your expectations about how team members must address others and how they must respond in various situations.

  • Establish consequences for non-compliance.

  • Talk to them about the positive impact the courtesy policy has on their jobs.

  • Cross-train staff. Allowing co-workers to see and understand other people’s jobs and responsibilities will strengthen communication. Understanding what happens "on the other side" will inspire team members to communicate without prejudice, and with an educated perspective rather than ignorance.

  • Have regular team meetings that allow you to hear what everyone is saying so you can understand their positions. Give them the opportunity to have direct, open communication with each other.

  • Ask for and listen to feedback or input. For example, ask members of the team how they feel about upcoming changes in the organization. Discover the issues they are having with others, and encourage openness.

  • Determine where there are operations that aren’t as effective as you would like, and discuss how strengthening communication can turn things around.

  • Understand your team. Use assessment tools to better understand your team's personalities, communication, and behavioral styles. Tools such as DISC can provide insight for both the leader and team members to learn to communicate for effectively. For more information on the DISC assessment go to

By paying attention to how your team communicates, by providing them with the tools to communicate more effectively, and by modeling excellent communication skills yourself, you will be building a successful and fulfilled team.

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