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Are You Playing the Blame Game?

According to George Bernard Shaw, people who succeed, are those who look for the circumstances they want, and if they don’t find them, they go out and make them. There is no room for blaming others.

It is certainly tempting to blame others – it seems to be in our nature to defend ourselves by apportioning blame to others. But does it serve us in any way? And what would the impact be if instead you took responsibility?

Some Things to Remember about Blame

Remember, blame is not the same as punishment. It’s okay to take the blame for something. Taking responsibility for a failed project, even if it isn’t 100% your fault, demonstrates integrity.

Owning up to missteps will often earn the respect of your superiors. The best you can do when you mess up, is acknowledge it, and make amends. This is especially important if you are in a leadership position.

When a project fails, it is easy to find reasons why it is someone else’s fault. But if you take a moment and think before you impulsively react, there are advantages. You can demonstrate responsibility, a willingness to learn from mistakes and to grow from these lessons.

Learn to analyze the issue objectively, identifying mistakes made that contributed to the failure. Take ownership and then take action.

If you made an error, you may be able to avoid the next one by taking feedback and criticism on board.

The ability to own up to your errors will set you apart from the pack. Most leaders understand that everyone fumbles at some time, but it’s a rare person who can own up to their mistakes without trying to shift some, or all of the blame onto someone else. This sets you apart, and if you are a leader who is willing to stop playing the blame game, you are showing wisdom, insight and courage.

If you’re in a leadership position, understand that those below you don’t believe you’re infallible. Owning up to your mistakes is an important part of gaining their respect. Without respect, it’s difficult to effectively lead effectively.

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