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Stop Thinking and Start Doing!

There are many people who are superb when it comes to visualizing, setting goals, making plans, and creating contingency plans for every obstacle that might occur on the way to accomplishing a goal. Yet they never take the first step in the real world. Their activity takes place only between their ears.

It is true having clear intentions and plans are crucial initial steps, but nothing concrete happens until action is taken.

People who take action might make some mistakes and may have to make a course correction, but they are usually successful in getting closer to their goal. Those who plan, and never do anything, are going to get nowhere.

How to switch from planning to action, and get real results:

  • Set a time limit for the planning phase. Decide how long you need for your planning. There is no set answer but set a limit on the planning phase. You can always go back to the drawing board if needed.

  • Take action right now. There is always something you can do immediately. Taking some sort of action helps build momentum and increases your motivation. For example: you might need a day or two to plan your diet and exercise program, but you can throw out all the junk food in the house now.

  • Remind yourself of the times you planned, but failed to take that first step. Use that pain and regret to motivate yourself.

  • Realize the difference between a decent plan and a perfect plan is tiny. What matters more, is how diligently you put a plan into action. Getting started is more important than perfecting the initial approach. You can alter your plan as you go.

  • Figure out the real reason you’re taking too long to actually do something. It is likely fear - fear of making a mistake, failing, or making the wrong decision. You could even be afraid of succeeding. Fear breeds procrastination.

  • Spend more time doing than planning. Real activity gets the job done, and drives us towards our goals. The world’s most successful people do more in a day than most of us do in a month.

It’s time to change your life, rather than just thinking about it. Take action today!

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