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Create a Personal Mission Statement

Companies and organizations have mission statements. A mission statement communicates to the staff of that organization and to the world what that company stands for, and what their values are. It helps them to stay focused.

Do you have a mission statement for your life? What is your purpose?

Most of us don’t have a personal mission statement but perhaps we should. Without a personal mission statement, it can be challenging to come up with the best plans and decisions.

Composing a mission statement has three primary benefits. It forces you to consider what your purpose in life is, gives your life direction, and is something to measure yourself by.

Create a mission statement and give your life direction and purpose with these strategies:

Determine the person you want to be. Imagine the person you would be proud to be. Believe you can achieve any change needed. Who would you want to be? What characteristics does he or she have? What qualities do you want to stand for?

Consider your heroes – the people you admire, and their qualities, tell you what is most important and impressive to you. Who are they, and why?

Look online for examples to inspire you. Many CEOs and famous people publish their mission statements. Check them out. Do any strike a chord?

Imagine looking back on your life. See yourself in ten or twenty years’ time or on your deathbed. What would you want to remember about your life? What legacy do you want to leave?

Write your mission statement. You now have enough information to write your mission statement. Limit it to a single paragraph, and hone in on the essential elements. Describe your life’s mission. You’re in control. You can always make adjustments in the future.

Set appropriate goals. With the general direction for your life in place, it’s time to set goals that support your mission statement. What can you do today to begin living the life you desire? What kind of goals would the person you describe in the first step pursue?

Get busy. This is the challenging part. It’s fun to imagine and plan, but that is meaningless if you don’t take action and do what is needed.

Reevaluate. Take stock regularly. Do you need to modify your mission statement or your goals? What can you do to make them better? What is working, and what is not? Your mission in life may be a moving target as you age and mature, and experience changes your perspectives on life.

A mission statement forces you to evaluate your interests, values, and priorities, and to consider your legacy.

If you want the best possible chance to live an amazing life, a mission statement is crucial.

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