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Bloom Where You Are Planted

Many of us let the negative circumstances and challenges we face, determine our level of happiness. Often we think we'll be happy when we land the next big promotion, save enough money, drop ten pounds, or find the soul mate we have been looking for?

While having these goals is a positive thing, it is important to learn to bloom where we are planted – to find happiness in where we are right now!

No matter where you are, find the good that is there. Concentrate on what you have to be grateful for, rather than focusing on the feeling there's always something missing. Instead of letting your circumstances dictate how you feel, find elements of joy and let that shine through.

To bloom where you're planted, seek the good in every challenge you face.

Ask yourself: what do I have that I can be thankful for? Look at the seemingly small things in your life – having friends and family you can count on; having a safe place to live; being able to feed and educate your children; watching the sunrise …

What you think about yourself, what you say about yourself and how you act, matters

People who chose happiness, are happy, because their lives follow their thoughts and actions.

Your beliefs about yourself, and the world around you, shape your destiny. What you think and say is connected to how you feel. Think life-affirming thoughts, avoid negative self-talk and you'll feel more alive.

Decide to enjoy the present. Be present and conscious and grateful in every moment, and

you'll bloom where you're planted.

If you are interested in learning more about the practice of gratitude and how it can improve your life, please join our free Gratitude Challenge. To find out more and to register, please follow this link:

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