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Escaping a Rut

Do you sometimes feel you in in a rut? You feel like you are stuck and spinning your wheels? We think that our circumstances are to blame for this, but most often it is our minds or our mindset that keep us trapped.

If you are feeling stuck, ask yourself these questions:

Do I have a clear vision? You need to know where you are going – you need clarity around your goals and then you need to align you actions and intentions. If you don’t have clarity you will almost certainly feel like you are spinning your wheels and no matter how hard you work, you will end up feeling frustrated.

Do I lack of persistence? Sometimes results are only seen after most of the work is done. Be someone who finishes things – don’t quit! Forcing yourself to stick to a task when the urge to quit strikes, will develop persistence. Make yourself keep going for another five minutes, and then another five after that. Each time you’ll build your persistence, and it’ll become easier as you move towards your goals.

Am I willing to be uncomfortable? All change produces a level of discomfort. Accept that you can control and master your emotions. Use logic to talk yourself through your emotions. Focus on the benefits you will get from doing something that is challenging or stressful for you. “Nothing bad can happen giving a speech. There are many benefits.” Use the logical part of your brain to override primitive instincts. Employ techniques like meditation, prayer, and counseling to control and manage your discomfort. Take baby steps, but keep pushing on.

Do I have the knowledge or skill needed to make a change? You may feel stuck in an aspect of your job and unable to get make progress or move to the next level. Is the reason because you don’t have a particular skill that would allow you to move ahead? Or you may know you need to be more confident, but don’t know how to develop confidence. Be willing to do some self-reflection and assess that is needed and then take some action. Intentional and focused learning may be needed, before change is possible.

Getting out of a rut will mean change. Change is challenging, but the obstacles along the way improve your ability to make significant changes in your life. Develop clear goals. Be willing to learn new skills so you can keep making progress. Learn to understand and deal with uncomfortable emotions, and know that you alone have the power to create the life you want.

#persistence #perseverance #clarity

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