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Embracing Change

Resisting change seems to be inherent to our human nature. Most of us can justify the status quo rather than take on change. We don’t always want to go through the discomfort that change can bring. So, we settle for what we have because we choose comfort over the disruption of change.

But sometimes we decide to embrace change because we really want our lives to be different and we are willing to take on the discomfort of change. And, sometimes we have to face change whether we want to or not. So why not figure out ways to embrace change? Let’s find ways to manage our fears and self-limiting beliefs so that we have the courage to discover our true potential. After all, change is inevitable.

Here are some ways to think about change and embrace it:

  • Reframe how you feel and talk about change. It is not unusual to fear the unknown, and for many of us, we see change as taking a step into the unknown. But what if you reframed your fear as excitement or anticipation. Take on the mindset of an explorer or an adventurer. As you feel the emotion of fear rising, change your language of describing your emotion from “I am frightened” or “I am scared” to “This is different, I am interested to learn more” or “This is a challenge but I am looking forward to it.” The more you do this, the better it will work and the more likely you are to see a difference. Think of a young child learning to walk. They don’t know how to do it, they may have tried a few times before and fallen, but they keep getting back up. They embrace the challenge of walking even though it takes them out of their comfort zone!

  • Remind yourself that you will be learning something. Change is definitely going to bring you a learning opportunity – no matter what. You may learn a new skill or technique, or you may learn something about yourself – a new coping mechanism, or you may learn how tenacious you are. Learning and gaining knowledge is one way to a more enriched and fulfilled life.

  • You will become more efficient. Change will bring more efficiency. As you learn new techniques or skills (either personally or professionally) you will end up more proficient and efficient, although it may not feel like it initially. For example, if you need to learn how to use a new software platform as part of the change you are dealing with, at first the learning curve may be steep. It may take you longer to complete the task than it did before the change, and this can be frustrating and make us even more resistant to change. But as you become more accomplished you become more efficient.

  • New possibilities open up. Some of the most wonderful things happen when change occurs, even unwanted change. Because the mind can’t always grasp in advance what will happen as the change unfolds, it’s not always easy to recognize the beauty of the newness that surrounds you in change. So hang in and see what unfolds.

  • Build your confidence. As you experience more changes, and you realize your ability to handle change, you’ll notice that your confidence is growing. All the skills, and insights you gain through each change, are adding to your confidence which allows you to face future challenges with even more courage and determination.

Change introduces so many positive elements to your life. When you learn to embrace change along your life journey, you’ll strengthen your efforts to live your best life.

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” ― Alan W. Watts

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