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Prep Talk

What is a Prep Talk? 

A Prep Talk is a one-on-one coaching experience that helps you to prepare for a situation where you want to bring your absolute best self so that you can reach your desired outcome.

What will a Prep Talk provide?

  • Objectivity by providing another perspective

  • Clarity around your objectives

  • A game plan to keep you focused

  • Self-confidence

  • Talking points

  •  A shift in your mindset

When do you need a Prep Talk? 

  • When you are preparing for an important or difficult meeting.  You want to go into the meeting well prepared so that you can achieve your objectives and not get derailed by your emotions or your fears.  A Prep Talk will help you prepare and strategize which will make you much more confident and able to hone in on what is really important.  

  • When you are preparing for your annual performance review. You want to go into the review meeting well-prepared and ready to discuss your achievements, but you often struggle to talk about your successes and accomplishments.  A Prep Talk will help you come up with effective ways to talk about yourself that will give you confidence and make the review process much more effective.

  • When you are preparing for an interview.  Interviews are often the most stressful meetings we endure.  A Prep Talk will help find ways to talk with confidence about yourself, your accomplishments and how you can add value in the new role. 

  • When you are preparing for any situation where you want to just “crush” it.  A Prep Talk will help you elevate your chances of success through planning, preparation and shifting your mindset so that you get the results you want. 


Everyone needs a pep talk every now and again, and everyone needs a Prep Talk when you have to face challenges. 


How does a Prep Talk work?

A Prep Talk is a 90-minute coaching opportunity broken down into three phases: 

  • Phase I: Discovery & Intake Meeting (15 minutes)  This meeting is our introduction and we talk about your needs, we assess the situation and begin to formulate plans.  Expect to have “homework” following the discovery meeting.  The discovery meeting is usually done via video conference.

  • Phase II: One-On-One Coaching (up to 60 minutes)  This meeting is where we develop the strategy; we work on language; managing emotions; preparing for tough questions; we work on confidence and any other concerns you may have.*

  • Phase III: Debrief Meeting (15 minutes)  In this meeting we talk through results, things you think you handled well and things you think you didn’t handle that well, and we talk about next steps.  This meeting is usually done via video conference.


*If you live in the Columbus, OH, area, we can schedule an in-person meeting for the 60-minute session.  If you live anywhere else, we still have you covered.  We can schedule a one-on-one video conference call for each of the three phases. 


What is the investment cost of a Prep Talk?

The value of a one-on-one coaching session with Limitless Growth Strategies is typically $250+, but we are pleased to offer all three phases of a Prep Talk for just $125.


I need a Prep Talk! What do I do next?

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