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Orelle Jackson, LGS President

                                                                    An executive coach, speaker, writer and trainer with more than twenty                                                                               years of executive leadership  experience, Orelle Jackson is recognized for                                                                     developing and optimizing strategies, delivering high-value solutions, and                                                                       building strong relationships with individuals, community organizations,

                                                                    faith-based organizations and corporate partners.  She has led several                                                                             non- profit organizations and served in leadership roles in healthcare care.                                                                     She has a proven record of building strong, cohesive and successful                                                                                   teams by focusing on leadership development, encouraging innovation,                                                                           building consensus, and engagement and employing sound project                                                                                   management techniques. 


Orelle is a believer and champion of human potential and lives by the James Allen quote: "The oak sleeps within the acorn,” believing that we have everything we need to be successful within us; we just need the right environment to grow into a mighty oak tree.  

This core belief led her to start Limitless Growth Strategies LLC, an organization that is driven by this passion to help people realize their potential.  As an executive coach, speaker, writer and trainer she now gets to live out these values every day.  

When Orelle is not working with her clients, her attention turns to her other passion – rescue dogs!  She sees the potential in them too, and knows that with the right environment, they can be mighty! 


Orelle Jackson Headshot
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