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Facilitation Services

There are several benefits to hiring a Facilitator for a meeting. I will allow you and your team to focus on the goals and objectives of your meeting, rather than focusing on running the meeting.  

Prior to the meeting, I will:

  • Learn or help establish the goals of the meeting and define a successful meeting;

  • Prep session (in person or virtually) with meeting leaders and presenters;

  • Build the agenda based on time management best practices; and

  • Familiarize themselves with attendees and how they can contribute to the meeting’s goals


During the meeting, I will:

  • Ensure the meeting stays on topic and follows the agenda;

  • Re-prioritize agenda items if needed;

  • Empower attendees to comfortably share ideas; and

  • Reiterate key points and action items throughout the meeting and share a summary at the conclusion


I do not scribe meeting minutes; however, I am available to review them prior to distribution.

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