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Executive Coaching

I am privileged to coach women at all stages of their careers.  Many of my coaching clients are already successful and accomplished, some are just beginning their leadership journey and some are dealing with career and life transitions. But all of them want to learn and grow and they want to be the best version of themselves.

Working with a coach provides a thought partner, an accountability partner, and an objective but supportive champion.  

Every coaching partnership begins with an interview and an asessment.  As a certified Behavioral Consultant in the Maxwell Method DISC Assessment, I use this powerful assessment tool to give my clients a new level of self-awareness and new language for them to use as they develop and new narrative for themselves.  

We then meet regularly, in-person, video conference or by phone, to develop and execute a growth plan.  As a client you will get lots of encouragement, but there will also be expectations and accountability. 


My only goal is to see you grow and succeed!

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