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Encore Coaching

What is an Encore career?  Well, it's about starting over and reinventing yourself later in your life.  My own story is one of reinvention and starting over – an encore career.


For some, this may be the fulfillment of a long-held but delayed dream, and for others, this encore career may be about dealing with the "curve balls" that life sometimes throw at us.  Starting over, reinventing yourself, or making a radical shift in direction is challenging at any stage, but doing this later in our lives and careers can be overwhelming. 


My own story is a combination of a long-held dream and a "curved ball" life threw at me. I know the exhilaration and fear of starting over when your peers are planning to slow down.  I understand the self-doubt and I have heard all the critics, but I have also savored the sweetness of success and I am excited to share that with my clients. 


With support, guidance, help and a large dose of confidence, it can be immensely rewarding! Having lived this myself, I know the challenges and the rewards and I love helping other women to live out their dreams. 

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