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Client Reviews

Ashley Merritt, Non-For-Profit Director
“Orelle Jackson, president of Limitless Growth Strategies (LGS), is a skilled listener, facilitator, mentor and communicator.  She approaches new client relationships with enthusiasm, curiosity and the flexibility to create a development experience that meets their unique needs.  I was fortunate to work with her on a virtual team building day with a dozen attendees who participated via web conference from every corner of the U.S.  She expertly led our team through the Leadership Game over two and a half hours and subsequently provided a valuable executive summary including observations and recommendations for future action.  This opportunity not only brought our team closer, it also revealed ways we can improve through greater transparency as well as more mindful communication and focus on what matters most to our team members.  The experience is something we’ll be able to pull on continually to help operate as a highly functioning team.  It is also something our senior managers and I can lean on to provide effective and meaningful leadership.  Whether you’re seeking an in person or virtual team development experience, Orelle and LGS will be a fantastic partner!”

Perry Jeffries, Diamond Equity Advisors President 

Watch the video below to learn how Diamond Equity Advisors President Perry Jeffries used his DISC Report to improve his relationships as a business owner, father, and husband.


Lisa Lawless, Director, Chief Communications Officer, Ohio Department of Medicaid

"Orelle Jackson of Limitless Growth Strategies has been invaluable to me as I navigate a late-in-life career change. After ten years working for our family-owned company, I decided to return to my profession of choice – communications – and realized the challenges I faced updating proficiencies, reconnecting with colleagues and promoting myself for hire. Orelle recommended I start with a DISC assessment – an assessment that provides uncanny insight into likes, dislikes, tendencies and habits. Sitting with Orelle to understand the data, she was invaluable in helping to map out my strengths, to understand my weaknesses and, best of all, face networking opportunities, interviews, and outreach with confidence and clarity. There are times in life when an outsider’s perspective proves to be the best stepping stone to realize goals. Hiring Orelle to assist in this important transition is one of those times and I’m grateful for the impact she’s made."

Jenna Smith, Working Mom

I had the life-changing opportunity to attend several Mastermind Sessions led by Orelle Jackson of Limitless Growth Strategies. I am a working mom who wants to grow in my career while being the best mom to my 5-year-old son and best wife to my amazing husband. The combination of the content I read in the John Maxwell books, our weekly group session conversations, and real-life exercises, I learned how to stay motivated, forgive myself, and prioritize my own and my family's daily lives. Even though the sessions included a handful of other individuals seeking to better their lives, I felt as though I was getting individualized attention. Orelle led thought-provoking open discussions that allowed us to focus on our own goals while helping each other overcome each other's challenges. The skills and mindset I learned in the Mastermind Sessions continue to empower me to make the most of every day. I even took up running this year, something I was ever motivated to do. I focus on the results, how I will feel post-workout, and how I am setting a healthy example for my son. I highly recommend working with Orelle If you're looking to feel motivated, find balance, and empower yourself."

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