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Career Transition

Clients often come to me when they are looking to change jobs, and while I am not a headhunter and can't find you a new job,  I can help you navigate the process.  Changing jobs or changing careers is daunting and having a coach to help you navigate this process can be helpful.   


As a certified Behavioral Consultant in the Maxwell Method DISC Assessment, I begin the process by administering this powerful assessment tool to provide you with insights about your behavioral and communication preferences  so that you can position yourself for the right job in the best environment for you. 


This helps you to gain self-awareness and create a dynamic narrative that you can use in networking and interviews.  Together we will develop a strategy for your job search so that you can focus on finding the not just your next job, but rather the best fit for you - the place where you can add value and develop your potential.


Having someone on your side during a career transition can make this a much less daunting prospect.

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