July 31, 2018

Resisting change seems to be inherent to our human nature.  Most of us can justify the status quo rather than take on change.  We don’t always want to go through the discomfort that change can bring.  So, we settle for what we have because we choose comfort over the di...

July 24, 2018

How to navigate personal change to create personal transformation.

Change starts with shift in our mindset. The resulting external change grows from this internal starting point. To achieve not just change but personal transformation, several major stages must be naviga...

July 17, 2018

Four Steps to Build Resilience

Life is like the weather – changeable! We love those sunny, calm days when everything looks great and we can’t imagine that the forecast could change!

Then we get cold and dreary days when we are just kind of hanging in waiting for the sun...

July 10, 2018

As leaders, we know that part of our role is to solve problems and help our teams to solve problems.  But does it sometimes feel that you are spending more and more time on hearing about problems and solving problems than you are on the all the other aspects of your ro...

July 3, 2018

Whether you’re managing a team or trying to create better relationships between your friends and family, there is bound to be conflict at some point.  Learning how to use open communication techniques will allow you to resolve conflicts, find solutions and create a mor...

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