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Another Seat At The Table

A Comprehensive Diversity & Inclusion Program

Fully Customizable For You, Your Business & Your Clients

Now, more than ever, companies, organizations, teams, and

businesses of all sizes are seeking solutions, particularly in

the area of Diversity & Inclusion.


Why is this? Well, aside from the obvious moral reasons, it is

becoming strikingly clear that there is a direct link between

having a diverse and inclusive workforce/environment and
having a growing, robust organization. 


Being able to attract and retain a talented workforce is going to require creating a working

environment that welcomes diversity and inclusion. Another Seat At The Table offers the solution.   

LGS Founder Orelle Jackson 

Shares an Overview of the

Value of fostering a

Diverse and Inclusive Organization

Another Seat at the Table (intro video)
Stephen Crawford

Another Seat at the Table (intro video)

What’s Unique About This Diversity & Inclusion Training Program?


Are you a Pioneer, a Champion, or an Influencer? 


As a leader, you play a vital role in creating an environment or culture that welcomes diversity and inclusion.  But everyone in your organization or team plays a specific role in this.  Knowing the natural role you and each person plays is ESSENTIAL to bring about lasting change in your workplace and our world. 


And this is what sets apart “Another Seat At The Table” - The PICHO model, Pioneer, Influencer, Champion, Hesitator, and Obstructor.  


This model helps everyone self-identify the role they can play and how each person as an individual is integral in this bigger picture process.


  • Their own role

  • What motivates them

  • What their self-talk is (and how that may positively or negatively affect their contribution)

  • And what change-driven actions they can take right away to make a difference 

This model is proprietary to Another Seat At The Table, and is the DIFFERENCE-MAKER in building greater diversity and inclusion in your team or organization.

How will Limitless Growth Strategies bring Another Seat At The Table to your team or organization?

  • A four-hour workshop for your team or organization. This brings everyone to the table and allows for group learning and integration of these important topics. 

  • A mastermind series for your leadership team.  This experience allows your leadership team to take a deep dive into this work and to help integrate this into all aspects of leadership and strategic decision making. 

  • Build a customized learning opportunity for your team or organization.  We can develop a learning opportunity to suit the specific needs of your team and your budget. 

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