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About Limitless Growth Strategies

Limitless Growth Strategies (LGS) was started in 2017 by President Orelle Jackson. With more than 20 years of management experience, she has a true understanding of the difference between a boss and a leader and an employee and a top performing, culture driver.


Orelle believes in the importance of empowering others through knowledge sharing. After infinite times of helping others follow their dreams, no matter how scary they may seem at first, she decided to pursue her own passion and start her own business. Limitless Growth Strategies was created to:


  • Empower professionals of all levels to be well-respected leaders among their peers;

  • Teach managers how to foster collaboration, communication and camaraderie within their team to increase productivity and improve company culture;

  • Guide entrepreneurs through core business processes including strategic planning, team building, and people development;

  • Support the healthcare community with program development, patient education, and physician leadership coaching


We encourage you to take some time and visit each page on the Limitless Growth Strategies website. We offer a variety of services for individuals, companies and healthcare professionals. You never know - you may discover we provide support and resources for something you never thought you needed to become a leader, turn your job into your career, or take you business to the next level. 


The Acorn

When I started Limitless Growth Strategies, I knew instantly what I wanted the company’s icon to be: an acorn.
An acorn has everything within itself to grow into a mighty oak, it just needs the right environment and fertile ground to begin to grow. Challenges along the way shape the way the oak tree grows. With the right environment and support, the tree grows. 
I see people in the same way - we each have everything we need to grow into our best selves and reach our potential.  We just need an environment where we are nurtured and encouraged and where we learn how to turn challenges into growth opportunities. With just a bit of help, we can become a unique and mighty individual living to our greatest potential!

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